Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS in Burke Now Offers Sedation Dentistry Treatment 

Dental fear is a hidden phobia—the monster in the closet that no one wants to talk about.  Many people are embarrassed to admit their fears and even more afraid to confront them.  Often times not even loved ones are aware of their apprehension.  Worse yet, these people may have never known that oral sedation dentistry was an option.

When Dr. Marzban DDS first started practicing, she was amazed to discover how many people were afraid and embarrassed to go to the dentist.  They would come to Dr. Marzban’s office trembling or teary-eyed, with their hearts pounding in their chests like a drum.  After sitting down with countless patients all experiencing the same symptoms, Dr. Marzban recognized that something needed to be done to help them.  That’s when she decided to obtain training in safe and effective oral sedation dentistry.

Dr. Marzban is now offering sedation dentistry at her office in Burke.  She received her training from DOCS Education and is one of the only local dentists to offer this valuable and highly effective treatment.  Call Dr. Marzban at to learn more.  You can also visit her website at marzbandds.com.  Dr. Marzban’s office is conveniently located at 8996 Burke Lake Road, Burke, Virginia 22015.

While these methods and medications cannot make fear magically disappear, they can give patients the confidence and peace-of-mind to experience dental procedures in a whole new way.  Hours pass like mere minutes and more dentistry can be performed in a single visit because the dentist is able to work more efficiently.  It is a win-win for both the patient and the dentist.