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Will New Tooth-Healthy Soft Drink Catch On?

Drinks are a major part of our lifestyle. We’re not just talking alcoholic drinks, either. Though you might not think Hennessy, Cristal, or the latest artisanal spirit is part of your personal style, you might spend much or your day sharing memes about tea, coffee, or even Diet Coke. The problem with many of these [...]

Are Dental Implants Always Better Than Bridges?

If you have lost a tooth, it’s important to replace it. Otherwise, your other teeth may drift and your oral health may suffer. We usually have three options to replace a missing tooth: dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. Dentures are an old strategy for tooth replacement, one with numerous drawbacks. But dental bridges and [...]

Why Choose Myofunctional Therapy for Sleep Apnea

It used to be that there were very few treatments available for sleep apnea. CPAP and surgery pretty much covered it. Today, there are many more. It can be hard to decide which is the best treatment for you. One treatment you should make sure you’re not overlooking is myofunctional therapy. Although [...]

Bhad Bhabie, Gucci Mane, and the New Trend of Redemption through Porcelain

We all know that the story of our smile is the story of our life. Some of this story is genetics, but a lot of it is choices that we make, such as choosing not to get orthodontic treatment, or not taking care of our teeth well when we’re young. So it [...]