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Do LED Teeth Whitening Kits Really Work?

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people who use Instagram every day, you’ve likely seen the new trending selfie. Celebrities are swapping smizes for LED light kits, all in an effort to have a whiter smile and promote an interesting product. From Jersey Shore’s Snooki to Lindsay Lohan and the entire Kardashian [...]

Will Tooth Transplantation Replace Dental Implants?

A new center for tooth transplantation at the University of North Carolina has inspired excitement about the prospects of this approach to replacing missing teeth. However exciting this approach might seem, it is likely only good for limited cases and will never be a replacement for dental implants. What Is Tooth Transplantation? [...]

Do You Have a Swallowing Problem? Myofunctional Therapy Could Help

Chewing and swallowing is something most people master at a very young age. But for some people, this everyday task remains challenging for a lifetime. Others might find that they initially master the challenge of swallowing, but periodically experience problems that cause discomfort, concern, or embarrassment. If you have persistent or recurring trouble swallowing--what doctors [...]

Beyond Relaxation Apps: NuCalm Is a Powerful Tool for Relaxing at the Dentist

A small startup is promoting its exciting new product: a relaxation app that can help children be calm at the dentist. This is a great potential benefit: children need to get in the habit of seeing the dentist to establish good oral health for life. However, they often see the place as strange and scary, [...]