I first went there because of a bum tooth. I was able to get an appointment and was seen the same day with a follow-up the next day to have the issue resolved. I am not the kind of patient that historically has been kind to dentists. I don't like people routing around in my mouth, the pain and ok, I don't like the pain. lolPamela and her staff were very nice and put up with my grumpiness, did I mention I don't like pain?, offered and explained the process and procedures very well. In the course of my visits, I talked to 6 different individuals and each and every one was pleasant, informative and helpful. Unlike the past, they actually talked to me to understand what type of care I wanted and how they could best meet my needs. I am not going to lie and say that the treatment was stress free but that was on me since I was too macho to take any additional sedation.Will I go back? Yes, and here is why. I think this group wants to take the time to get to know patients and understand their needs. They provided me with real truth (some of which I didn't want to hear). What do you mean I need to floss?? and options. There was no "sales job" on treatments. In this age of production line dentistry, that is a good thing. The service was top notch and they followed up after the procedures with helpful advice.