"Dr Marzban, As always you and your remarkable team treated me with the customary high degree of professional treatment and courtesy. My thanks to all of you. Incidentally, shortly after I returned home I received a call from one David Richmond a young man employed by Precision Collision who was working up an estimate to repair the corrosive damage to my Mercedes. David apologized for his delay in getting to me earlier, explaining to me that he had broken a tooth right at the gun line while chomping down on a Popeye chicken leg (sound like a familiar problem?) When he told me that he needed an implant I shared with him my recent experience and at his request for a referral have given him your name and number and strongly recommended that he call you. I passed on to Anna that I made this referral. Very Respectfully, Charlie. PS ****** At no time in the history of the United States has any military officer ever been promoted to the rank of six star general. After WW1 General George Pershing was offered a sixth star rank and the title, General- of- the-armies. The general modestly declined the unprecedented and auspicious title. However you are encouraged to accept the six star rating that I am conferring on you and your staff. VR Charlie"