despite my life long fear of dentists, with their drills and sharp tools, cardboard wedges and syringes, my fears have been diminished with my visits to dr. marzban. she is gentle and meticulous in her work…telling you when it's going to be air, or water, or that you might feel a pinch when inserting a needle full of novacaine into your pink gums. she is not your father's dentist, but new age….state of the art. the office is bright and friendly, clean with magazines and books printed in this decade…as opposed to some dentist's offices. the music is current and soothing as it cascades down while stretched out in the comfortable leather patient chairs. it's been a refreshing change from my past dental experiences and don't mind when her helpful and professional staff lecture me on how important it is to floss regularly…i'm glad that I found this dentist.