Patients occasionally find that traditional tooth whitening leaves their teeth with unappealing white spots. Establishing a pristine, beautiful smile that you can show off and be proud of is essential in cementing a strong first impression. Where do you turn when traditional tooth whitening isn’t giving you the results you need? For many people, the answer to the question, “what do I do next?” may lie in microabrasion. 


The Right Kind of Abrasive

The connotation around being described as abrasive is usually a negative one. However, when it comes to teeth whitening and eliminating those pesky white spots, this is not the case. When traditional whitening isn’t able to achieve the kind of results patients are looking for, many dental professionals suggest microabrasion. 

Unlike other tooth whitening methods, microabrasions physically remove surface stains by exposing the underlayer of enamel. Microabrasion provides even tooth whitening, devoid of white spots, and is usually most effective when stains are the result of:

  • Decalcification
  • Braces
  • Defective tooth formation
  • Other severe superficial stains

Microabrasion can uncover the diamond in the rough that is your smile, resolving the issue of white spots and revealing the pearly whites that lie just beneath the surface.


How Does it Work and Does it Hurt?

Microabrasion relies on a combination of hydrochloric acid and pumice to remove bleach-resistant stains. Pumice, a kind of porous volcanic rock, is used as an abrasive to rub away the stained outer layers of the patient’s enamel. 

The abrasion process typically continues until the enamel’s stained layers have been removed, which usually takes less than an hour. Microabrasion procedures are relatively painless and are stopped in situations where the enamel is worn too thin or when the patient’s teeth become overly sensitive. Once finished, Dr. Marzban applies a fluoride gel to protect the patient’s teeth against post-operative sensitivity.


Microabrasion with Marzban

Dr. Marzban is not your average dentist. With an emphasis on functional, durable, and aesthetically beautiful work, Dr. Marzban can transform smiles and give patients the confidence to take on life with newfound vigor. 

Teeth whitening can go a long way in helping people find the courage to smile and feel comfortable with the way they look. If Microabrasion interests you, call Dr. Marzban today at 703-349-4277 or visit our contact page.