TMJ Treatment

TMJ Story


"It's so nice to go to the office and be treated like family. I loved getting to meet Patty, she is wonderful! And, Ana is such a joy behind the desk. Thanks so much Dr. Marzban for a lovely visit!"

Alan B.

"Your office continues to provide excellent service/care."


"I have never felt so comfortable in a dental office. The explanations of what to expect were appreciated. The professionalism of each and every technician, including Dr. Marzban, Sally, Patty and Ana was exceptional. I did not feel like a stranger, I felt cared for."


"Consistent, courteous, knowledgeable service--- what more could you ask for! Thanks"


Always a pleasure to visit the dentist, especially when it is Dr. Pamela Marzban. Her staff is professional, personable, competent, and respectful of patient time and comfort. Dr. Marzban is an excellent practitioner who assures that oral and dental health are viewed as integral to a patient's overall health care. Highly recommend!



I needed a "rush job" for my semi-annual cleaning in order to get to another appointment. The staff gave EXCELLENT service and finished in time for me to meet my other obligation. Fast, professional and service-oriented-- it does not get better than that.


Everyone on staff was very helpful. All staff members answered my questions specific to their area of expertise. They were very thorough, and I didn't feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Marzban for your dental needs.


Dr. Marzban and her staff are the real A-team!! Superb on top of their game and she's so damn good. I wouldn't trust my oral health to anyone else. Reporter ABC 7 news


Always exceptional service and smiles all around! My son loves everybody there and yes especially the treasure box!


Dr Marzban and all of her staff are fantastic! My daughter always looks forward to her checkups - all of the staff are kind, welcoming, professional and fun! I can't thank them enough for giving my little girl such a positive experience each and every visit.

B. Treible

The office has the most comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff! Makes any visit to the dentist a pleasure. The staff is very informed and they are by far the best dentist I've been to. Thank you!


"Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable in their areas! I appreciate questions being answered honestly! Thanks for a good visit!"

Barry P.

I first went there because of a bum tooth. I was able to get an appointment and was seen the same day with a follow-up the next day to have the issue resolved. I am not the kind of patient that historically has been kind to dentists. I don't like people routing around in my mouth, the pain and ok, I don't like the pain. lolPamela and her staff were very nice and put up with my grumpiness, did I mention I don't like pain?, offered and explained the process and procedures very well. In the course of my visits, I talked to 6 different individuals and each and every one was pleasant, informative and helpful. Unlike the past, they actually talked to me to understand what type of care I wanted and how they could best meet my needs. I am not going to lie and say that the treatment was stress free but that was on me since I was too macho to take any additional sedation.Will I go back? Yes, and here is why. I think this group wants to take the time to get to know patients and understand their needs. They provided me with real truth (some of which I didn't want to hear). What do you mean I need to floss?? and options. There was no "sales job" on treatments. In this age of production line dentistry, that is a good thing. The service was top notch and they followed up after the procedures with helpful advice.

Bernardo A

My visit was excellent as usual, Highly recommended!


"My overall visit was very good , I never have to wait to be seated and everybody greet me properly. Patty Is the best hygienist I have ever had. I would definitely refer friends and family to Dr. Marzban’s office."


"Great office...don't change a thing. Best Dental office a have had the pleasure to go to. Outstanding dental care by a beautiful professional staff, what else you could ask for!!"


"My overall visit was excellent, I will definitely refer friends and family to the office. Another pleasant visit with a very friendly and professional office. Makes "going" to the dentist almost something to look forward to!! You guys are great! Thanks!"


"This is a great office with super folks who do outstanding work. Best Dental office I have been associated with. Thanks."


"Don't change anything. The entire group is extremely knowledgeable , highly professional and impressively friendly. You can’t improve perfection."

Charlie A.

"Dr Marzban, As always you and your remarkable team treated me with the customary high degree of professional treatment and courtesy. My thanks to all of you. Incidentally, shortly after I returned home I received a call from one David Richmond a young man employed by Precision Collision who was working up an estimate to repair the corrosive damage to my Mercedes. David apologized for his delay in getting to me earlier, explaining to me that he had broken a tooth right at the gun line while chomping down on a Popeye chicken leg (sound like a familiar problem?) When he told me that he needed an implant I shared with him my recent experience and at his request for a referral have given him your name and number and strongly recommended that he call you. I passed on to Anna that I made this referral. Very Respectfully, Charlie. PS ****** At no time in the history of the United States has any military officer ever been promoted to the rank of six star general. After WW1 General George Pershing was offered a sixth star rank and the title, General- of- the-armies. The general modestly declined the unprecedented and auspicious title. However you are encouraged to accept the six star rating that I am conferring on you and your staff. VR Charlie"


Aloha, I appreciate and love the attention that was given to me. Dr. Pamela and her medical team listened to my concerns. They approached my tooth problems in ?small bites? which is better for me and my budget. I usually do not like my experience with the dentist but Dr. Pamela and her team placed me in ease. The hygienist was very gentle and had a very light hand, I did not suffer any pain. Cherry


"The receptionist and the young lady who took the photos were exceptionally nice, explaining so politely and friendly - I don't imagine they truly remembered me, but they most assuredly made me feel they did; throughout my visit, my comfort was a constant concern. Each and all were so pleasant, friendly, and caring—truly an extraordinary experience I have never seen matched anywhere!!"


"I love everyone at the dentist office of Dr. Marzban, they don’t need to change a thing."


"I absolutely love Dr. Marzban's office and staff. They are always professional and great at what they do. I would recommend them highly! Patty the hygienist is great!"

Deborah P

Dr Marzban diagnosed and very successfully treated numerous challenging issues for me including jaw joint pain (invisalign fixed my bite) and a rash on my tongue (needed hypoallergenic night guard - who would have guessed?!.) She also put 2 realistic-looking crowns on my front teeth to replace ugly chipped tooth repair from long ago. Even challenging problems are resolved to your satisfaction. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Ryan Reeves

Every wonder who dentists see when they need care? Dr. Pamela Marzban!. Not only do her and her team provide exceptional customer service, but also clinical superiority! When I have a dental problem whether simple or complex, my first call is always Dr. Marzban!


"As a new patient in the office I felt like we have known each other for a long time. Sally was great as were Admarys and Jenny (my dental assistants). Everyone was wonderful as you were Dr. Marzban. Thanks!"


"My overall visit was excellent, I never have to wait to be seated. You guys are doing a great job. Don’t change anything, I have already recommended your office to several people."

Felecia M

Dr. Marzban always does a great job but this time she surpassed herself with a replacement crown on a, front tooth that was a cosmetic nightmare. She and her team are the best.


"Star status for two members of your excellent staff: Sally, who is probably the most knowledgeable and effective practice administrator in the metro area, and has a great personality to boot. Patti, Hygienist extraordinaire, whose great skill and engaging manner really benefit the patient. Full of helpful advice for good dental health too."

G. Jahed

I have always been traveling tens of miles to get dental services at Dr. Marzban's clinic because I am getting unmatched, one of a kind service here. Dr. Marzban is very knowledgeable and with great career specific expertise which one cannot get anywhere else. The dental assistants, specially Ms. Jennifer who is attending me is very efficient in their jobs and leaves no worries behind after you are done with their services. They care for every single worries of the patients and try to provide special care to deal with deal on the spot.

Ghulam J

I have never been more satisfied at any other service provider's because Dr. Marzban and her team is super efficient at their job. They attend to all what their customers expect from them and even exceed the patients expectations. I am living in Woodbridge, VA and Working in Adelphi MD, but I have been traveling tens of miles of get to Dr. Marzban facility for the last ten years simply because I can get one of a kind service here.

Gilda G.

Excellent as always. The patient care is outstanding.


"I never have to wait at Dr. Marzban's office, having an appointment at your office feels like visiting family! Thanks you for taking such a good care of my dental needs—and me!"

Hannah R

As always Dr. Marzban and her staff provided a wonderful and comfortable experience.

J. Pantin

Dr. Marzban's whole team is very customer oriented, cordial and on the ball. I am always treated like a person verses a number. I recommend Dr. Marzban to anyone who needs tender loving care with their dental needs. 


"All staff are attentive to all needs. Jennifer as usual did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. Jenny is very cordial and thanks for the blanket to keep me comfortable. Sally is always wonderful with checking me in and out. Dr. Marzban rocks!"


"I always feel comfortable at your office, everyone is friendly , caring and I always get greeted by smiling people…. Have a great week."


"Excellent overall visit, as always everyone was friendly and professional. I no longer “dread” coming to the dentist."


"You are very accommodating with meeting the needs of your patient. Thanks"


"This was the dental visit I have ever had. You are doing a wonderful job!"


Thank you for the terrific service. Everyone is pleasant, knows their business and does an outstanding job. I am very impressed with the entire staff - all are professional, and expert in what they do. Congratulations you have all won new automobiles.

Joan F

I was very impressed from the service I received from my visit to Dr. Marzban on 1/4/16. I was greeted by Anna at the front desk upon arrival. She was very courteous, kind, and took me back right away. I was then introduced to Dr. Marzban's assistant, Adamaris (sp.?). She was very cheerful, soothing, and thoroughly explained all the options available to me to correct my smile. She took photos and then displayed them on the monitor to show me exactly what needed to be done. I had a lot of questions, and she answered every single one without making me feel rushed. I left the office with a good feeling about my visit, and knew that I would be in good hands if I decided to proceed with them.


"Loved Patty before, still love her and will continue to request her for my cleanings. I'm now brushing with my Sonic in the way in which she showed me!"


"From the moment I stepped into the waiting room until the time I left, I was amazed by the friendlness, patient comfort, and professionalism of the entire staff. Admarys did an excellent job of taking full mouth xrays, making sure that I was comfortable during the entire procedure. She was the first dental technician I have ever been to who acually knew how to manage my gag refex and TMJ. She was ably assisted by Jenny. Sally, the office administrator, was warm, friendly and ensured that I was comfortable with all procedures. She did a thorough job of explaining financing and how different processes worked. Patty did the best cleaning I have ever experienced in my 6 decades of going to the dentist. For the first time in my life, I had no TMJ pain during or after a cleaning. And then there is the person responsible for this great team, Dr. Marzban. She is proficient in technology, warm, caring, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly."


"Dr. Marzban and her team are the best dental practioner that I’ve ever worked with! From technical knowledge to "chair-side" manner - they are simply the very best."

John V.

Everyone is always friendly and welcoming. I was provided with a cleaning and finished in almost no time.


"My overall visit was excellent , all my financial options were well explained. Always a great team and service."

K. Bollen

From the moment you walk through the door, the people and surroundings put you at ease. Dr Marzban always makes sure you understand the treatment options and she provides for your comfort during treatment. She has cared for four generations of our family, she is able to meet the needs of her patients, from little ones first visit to the dentist to the special needs of the elderly.


"I can't think of a thing to improve your office procedures. I was impressed with my initial phone call, how I was greeted when I arrived...right through my procedure. A very professional operation, yet with a very personal touch. Every detail was attended to which ensured a very positive experience for me."

Kenneth F.

"Thanks for the work. Everyone was great."


"At Dr. Marzban's office my financial options are always well explained, I never wait past my appointment time to be seated and my dental hygienist is excellent and grand at putting me at ease. I continue to travel form Leesburg (plenty of dentists out my way) as I feel comfortable with each of you."

Linda M

Jennifer is absolutely wonderful and so professional. And I even get a free facial when she cleans my teeth. Who can beat that?! Since I go every 4 months for teeth cleaning, they are always ready for me.

Linda M

Jennifer is absolutely wonderful and so professional. And I even get a free facial when she cleans my teeth. Who can beat that?! Since I go every 4 months for teeth cleaning, they are always ready for me.

Linda M.

"Patty, Sally and Anna are the greatest! Always make me feel so very comfortable."


"Dr. Mazban and her staff are friendly and efficient. They deliver cutting edge dental care. I have been her patient since the beginning of her practice. I trust her judgment concerning my dental health completely. The whole team is great."


"My overall visit was great . As always the staff and care is excellent. Love my tooth!!!"


"Excellent staff and service, I will be changing my dentists and using this great team!"


"As usual, Patti and Dr. Marzban are knowledgeable, professional and make you feel like your in your own living room, well...almost. 🙂 Sally and the new person up front are courteous and cheerful. Thanks for a great trip. See you in 6 months."


"You have a GREAT team and wonderful people. I feel good every time I am there."

Marco T

Dr. Marzban and her staff are just wonderful people. I am very relaxed and feel I am in very good hands when I go to the dentist. I leave knowing the work was excellent and am treated wonderfully.

Marco T.

Wonderful staff, Excellent work, I am at ease in the Dental office. Dr. Marzban has created a relaxed atmosphere and has well trained staff.

Matthew R

Very comprehensive examination! Both Dr. Marzban and staff carefully and considerately explained the procedures that were being performed along with the results. I left feeling that I received personal care and attention specific to my dental needs.


"LOVED the terry cloth towels, thank you so much for bringing those in!"

Michael M

Thank you for seeing me on very short notice. As usual, Dr. Marzban and her team came through when I had a problem. I recommend this practice highly to anyone who desires first rate dental care. Thanks again! 

Mr. Fairchild

Dr. Marzban and her staff are professional specialists who endeavor to provide optimum treatment in a caring and pleasant manner! In comparison to dental offices across America and DoD Facilities overseas, these highly capable and efficient ladies are well above any dental professionals that I have encountered. Superlative professional treatment in an upgraded modern facility by a caring staff that haven't forgotten to how to smile and communicate with their patients on a one on one level.

Mr. H

"Our family has had a great experience with Pamela and her team since she started as a dentist. They provide the kind of service and friendliness that makes you WANT to visit the dentist!"


"I would definitely refer friends and family to your office!!! Dr. Marzban and team are the best that I have ever seen in my long life."


"The staff is always friendly and helpful. As you know, a trip to the dentist is one of the most dreaded events in my life. But you and your staff are always very supportive which is a great help toward enabling me to manage the stress."


"Your service continue to be excellent."


"Overall, I had a good first visit. The staff is friendly and appears competent."

Randall B.

Dr. Marzban and her staff are all great. I've been going there for well over 10 years now. The assistants and hygienists are very good and tell you what is going on, and give you choices. The business/front office team of Sally and Anna are a pleasure to deal with and very helpful in scheduling, insurance and billing matters. Dr. M. and the practice keep up on all the latest dental procedures, techniques and equipment and are continuously improving the care they provide, and also to increase the comfort for the patient.

Regina C

Love Dr. Marzban and all the office staff, they are always smiling, happy & always helpful.


"This is the best office I have ever been to. It is nice to feel that the practice actually cares about the patient’s needs, and doesn’t simply do the minimum and send you on your way. I am happy that I was referred here, and will definitely refer others!"


"You always make it a pleasant experience. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and nice. Makes coming to the dentist fun!"


"I have been a patient with the practice since the days of Dr. Evans, and couldn't be happier with the way it has continued to treat patients like old friends (after all, we are). I'm always pleased in the way the latest and newest techniques are made available."

Robert A

I had a very good experience. We had quite a discussion about what to do with my teeth, based on all the X-rays and the photographs. This was the first time I have ever been able to look at my teeth through the use of photographs. It was quite an education. I agreed with everything proposed by Dr. Marzban, and we will begin on Monday, October 12, to take care of the all problems we found with my teeth.

Robert B.

"Dr. Marzban is awesome! Patty does a amazing job cleaning my teeth and explaining everything through the process. Staff treats you like family. Makes going to the dentist fun!"


"My appointment today was excellent, I did not have to wait past my appointment tome to be seated. Everybody greeted me properly! Saty with the explanation of what is coming, very helpful."

S. Murray

Dr. Marzban's expertise and her ability to communicate all available options on procedures such as implants, etc. has been gratifying. I have appreciated learning all that needs to be done. She is extremely professional and wants only the best for her patients. Her staff is accommodating, friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Marzban to all without hesitation. I only wish I had gone to her earlier in my dental experience. 

Scott S

Staff and Dr. Marzban, as always, were extremely professional and personable, making the experience pleasant and leaving me confident that my dental care is in excellent hands.


"The entire team at Dr. Marzban's office, from the appointment coordinator to the office manager, the clinical assistants and of course Dr. Marzban herself, are very professional and knowledgeable. They greet you and make you feel at home the minute you walk in. Your comfort is their number one priority. They have been very flexible with my appointments. All steps of the treatment are explained very thoroughly by Dr. Marzban. She really takes her time to deliver the best possible service. I have gotten many compliments from everyone about my teeth, even strangers who see me for the first time. I continue referring more patients to Dr. Marzban, as I trust her work more than anyone else I have met."


"Everyone I met at Dr. Marzban's office was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable in their role. I was seen on time, and every step of the way was explained to me very thoroughly. Dr. Marzban's attention to detail and her excellent work is the reason I have chosen her as my dentist. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a dentist."

Sharon A

Have never had such warm, attentive, and personal care from such skilled people with such top of the line technology. I really appreciated how I was treated by all of the staff. Especially Dr. Marzban. Her insights were accurate and helpful. My visit was so pleasant and painless that I forgot I was at a dentist office.


"I love this place! It is the best practice I have been too and I have been to many. If I moved away I would drive or fly back just to visit Dr. Marzban and her team!"