Nearly every single adult who had a cavity when they were young received an amalgam, or silver, filling. These were, and are, noticeable due to their darkness. Some people have every single molar filled with these metal amalgam fillings. However, like all good things, dentistry practices have evolved over time as new technologies become available. And what’s good for us is good for our kids.

Choosing white fillings has several advantages. First, they are more attractive. White fillings can be matched to the natural teeth so that no one can tell that dental work has been done. This provides a nice white smile. When a metal amalgam filling is placed, more of the tooth needs to be drilled than with a white filling. This can cause problems down the road as the natural tooth has become weakened from losing much of its strength. The metal is susceptible to expanding and contracting when you eat and hot or cold foods and beverages. This can cause cracks.

A white filling does not expand contract and actually strengthens the tooth after it has filled the cavity. Your children’s teeth can remain strong for years with white fillings.

Amalgam fillings also have mercury as a component, and there has been a lot of information about the health concerns linked to mercury. As a toxin, mercury builds up in your organs and can cause irreparable harm. However, the amount of mercury in amalgam fillings is very small. Still, many parents do not want to take this chance when they have options for their children.

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