Dr. Marzban can help provide lasting relief from chronic headachesTMJ headaches are often confused with migraine or tension headaches. This means that many people never have their TMJ headaches properly diagnosed and rely instead on medications traditionally used to treat other types of head pain. At best, these medications will provide temporary relief from TMJ headaches. At worst, they will put you at increased risk for internal damages such as kidney failure and stomach bleeding, without ever addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

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How TMJ Causes Headaches

TMJ headaches are caused by pressure placed on the trigeminal nerve. Responsible for a majority of the sensation in the face and head, when this nerve is pinched by a misaligned jaw, headache is often an unavoidable consequence. By relieving pressure on the trigeminal nerve through TMJ treatment, the headaches it causes can be eliminated. Better yet, unlike masking the problem with potentially dangerous over the counter medications, relieving pain through neuromuscular dentistry allows for a lasting and even permanent solution.

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