Burk Porcelain Fillings - Fairfax DentistDental fillings are the most common treatment recommended when you have a cavity. They are very effective in restoring a fully functional tooth and preventing additional tooth decay. While metal amalgam fillings were once the most common option used to fill cavities, they are no longer the preferred method. Instead, Dr. Marzban recommends porcelain fillings for her patients.

As their name implies, porcelain fillings are made from dental porcelain. They offer a variety of benefits compared with metal amalgam fillings:

  • Porcelain fillings can be matched to the natural color of your teeth, providing you with a much more aesthetically pleasing result
  • Porcelain fillings can preserve more of your natural tooth structure than amalgam fillings, allowing for a more conservative treatment approach
  • Amalgam fillings expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations, which can weaken the structure of your tooth and potentially cause it to crack; porcelain fillings aren’t affected by temperature fluctuations, eliminating this issue
  • Porcelain fillings are stronger and more durable than amalgam fillings and can withstand maximum chewing forces

In addition to these benefits, there is a safety component associated with choosing porcelain fillings. Amalgam fillings contain mercury. While there is no conclusive evidence that these fillings result in mercury toxicity, there is enough research indicating a potential risk that Dr. Marzban prefers to use porcelain, which eliminates potential health risks associated with mercury toxicity.

If you have old amalgam fillings in your teeth, Dr. Marzban can also replace them with porcelain fillings. This will not only eliminate the unsightly metallic appearance associated with these fillings, but it will provide you with a safer, more effective restoration. During your next dental cleaning, ask Dr. Marzban about replacing your old amalgam fillings.

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