Cavities in children have declined in recent years due to advancements in dental cleanings and tooth sealants. However, even a rigorous oral hygiene routine may be insufficient to eliminate all cavities. When your child has a cavity, the choice of filling becomes both a safety and aesthetic concern.

Metal Fillings vs. Porcelain Fillings

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that metal fillings are unsafe for children. However, metal fillings can have an adverse impact on adults who are predisposed to certain medical conditions, which should be considered if the teeth being filled are permanent. Safety concerns aside, metal fillings may expand contract with temperature fluctuations in the mouth, which can lead to tooth fracture or the filling falling out.

By contrast, porcelain fillings are not impacted by temperature changes and in most cases will remain strong and in place much longer than metal fillings. In addition, there are no health concerns with porcelain fillings, making them safe for both children and adults.

Providing increased security and maximum aesthetic appeal, porcelain fillings work to provide a strong, secure solution for preventing further decay and other potential health issues.

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