A broken tooth can be painful, uncomfortable, and poses the risk of further damage. A dental crown is often the right way to restore a broken tooth. There may be a more appropriate dental restoration for your specific issue, so you must be evaluated by an experienced dentist to know for sure.

Although you can take steps to prevent a broken tooth, they are unfortunately not an uncommon problem. Your tooth may break because of:

  • Chewing on ice cubes or other hard things
  • Getting a mouth injury
  • Having the habit of grinding your teeth

There are many reasons way it is important to restore a broken tooth. First of all, you will probably feel a lot of discomfort and even pain, especially when you bite down against the fractured tooth. Also, a fracture in the enamel leaves the deeper layers of your tooth vulnerable to bacteria that cause inflammation. If bacteria reach the tooth pulp and root canals, then a serious infection can result, which may require root canal treatment. A dental crown is also important to your confidence in your smile because it restores an aesthetically pleasing tooth shape.

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