Dr. Marzban and team

Dr. Pamela Marzban is a leading dentist, and she’s used to being featured by various trade and local publications for the quality of her work. But these profiles aren’t just vanity, they’re opportunities to talk about some of the most important techniques and technologies we utilize in our office.

That’s the case with the recent Clinician Spotlight on Tekscan’s site: it gives us a good opportunity to talk about the value of T-Scan in our office and how it helps our patients.

What Is T-Scan?

T-Scan is a digital bite measurement tool. You bite down on a reusable measurement plate that sends information to a unit that interprets the data so it can be displayed on the computer. This measurement plate can be traded out, so you have one just for you that we use when you come in.

The data is given in a very detailed way, with multiple measurements taken per tooth, and it’s in real-time, so we can see when your teeth may be getting transient forces in ways that we can’t tell with bite paper, and that you might not be aware of.

How Dr. Marzban Uses T-Scan

In the interview, Dr. Marzban was asked about her use of T-Scan. T-Scan is a very versatile treatment, one that can be used in almost any situation, and she talked about a number of key opportunities where she uses it, including:

T-scan offers many benefits in all these situations. Perhaps most importantly, T-Scan lets us identify excessive bite force that can cause problems in the future. Before we see wear, before teeth get chipped, before restorations crack, we get a warning sign.

It also gives us objective measurements that we can use to both prevent and correct uncomfortable restorations. Using T-Scan, we can make sure your dental crown is properly seated before you leave our office, and if a restoration is uncomfortable, we can see why and have a good idea exactly how to correct it.

And when we say “we,” we mean you, too. One of the best benefits of T-Scan is that you never need to have your bite issues explained. You can see them for yourself. It’s very clear and obvious. That puts us all on the same page so we can get consensus about the best way forward.

T-Scan is a great check on all neuromuscular dentistry procedures–it helps us make sure that we really are reducing stress on your teeth.

Not Just Technology for Its Own Sake

In the Tekscan profile, Dr. Marzban mentions that it’s part of her philosophy to remain on the leading edge of dentistry. That’s because new technologies like T-Scan give us the opportunity to better serve out patients and give them long-lasting, beautiful, and comfortable results.

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