Karen, 27, was one of millions of Americans afraid to go to the dentist.  She avoided it for six years, even going as far as using a tweezers to try and clean her own teeth.  “I was terrified,” she said.  “I was absolutely petrified of stepping foot into a dental office.”

When Karen used to visit the dentist her anxiety ran so high that her hands trembled and she sweated profusely.  She couldn’t stand the thought of a drill coming near her mouth.  Then last month she saw an advertisement on TV about oral sedation dentistry treatment using oral sedatives rather than an IV needle.

She contacted the sedation dentist and after a full evaluation and a careful review of her medical history, she and her dentist decided on a treatment plan.  Karen took a pill the night before her appointment, had a friend drive to her the office, and was administered additional medication before the start of her procedures.  Three fillings, a root canal, and two crowns were performed and yet remarkably she remembered little-to-nothing of her time in the dental chair the next day.

Karen is one of the growing number of adults who have conquered their dental fears through the calming and relaxing effects of oral sedation dentistry treatment.  With one side of her mouth fixed, she is excited and ready to have the remainder of her dental work completed with sedation.

“I don’t remember the needles, the gagging, the water,” she said “I certainly don’t remember being in the chair for four hours. My life has been forever changed.”  The drugs used for sedation allow a patient to remain conscious during their treatment but limit memory as a result of some the medication’s amnesic effects.

Dr. Marzban is now offering oral sedation dentistry as her office in Burke.  She received her training from DOCS Education and is one of the only local dentists to offer this valuable and highly effective treatment.  Call Dr. Marzban at 703-349-4277 to learn more.  You can also visit her website at marzbandds.com.  Dr. Marzban’s office is conveniently located at 8996 Burke Lake Road, Burke, Virginia 22015.