If you experience dental anxiety that makes it hard or impossible for you to get the dental care you need or the cosmetic dentistry procedures you desire, sedation can make the difference. However, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which is the right sedation approach for you. But let us help you decide with these simple questions.

Find the Right Sedation for a Relaxed Visit to the Dentist

Trust Sometimes Works Better Than Sedation

Before we recommend sedation, we like to see if we can find other ways to calm your anxiety. Many people have had bad experiences with a dentist in the past, and that is why they feel anxious. Since then, they haven’t had a dentist who cared enough or took the time to build up their trust.

We invite you to come in, get to know us. Talk to Dr. Marzban and all the staff. See if we can put you at ease. Then, if you still think you might need sedation, we can help you find the right option for you.

My Anxiety Level Is:

Mild: NuCalm is the best approach for mild anxiety. It’s a drug-free approach that can disarm your anxiety response and put you in a relaxed and meditative state.

Moderate: If you can get yourself to the dental appointment, but have trouble with the procedure itself, nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is probably the best choice. This can also help if your anxiety increases your sensitivity to discomfort. Nitrous relieves pain as well as reduces anxiety.

Severe: Oral sedation can helps people with all levels of anxiety. Tell us your anxiety level and we can tailor the medication to your needs. It can be used to help you sleep the night before your appointment, if this is a problem.

At My Appointment I Want to Feel:

Calm: With NuCalm, you’ll feel like you’re at the edge of sleep. You’ll be conscious, but just barely.

Tipsy: With nitrous oxide, you’ll feel like you’ve had a couple of drinks. You’ll be aware of what’s going on, but you won’t be as worried about it.

Distant: With oral sedation, you’ll be separated from what’s going on. You’ll be vaguely aware and can hear and respond to questions, but your thoughts and your memory may be unclear.

Is Driving to Your Appointment Important?

Yes: Both NuCalm and nitrous oxide allow you to drive yourself to and from your dental appointments.

No: Oral sedation is an option that may make it hard for you to drive home after your appointment, or to your appointment in some cases.

Do You Have Someone Who Can Stay with You?

Yes: Then any type of sedation will work for you.

No: Oral sedation is not a good option. Its effects may not wear off right away, so it’s best to have someone stay with you the rest of the day after your appointment to make sure you’re okay.

Are You Taking Regular Medications?

If you are currently taking any medications, tell us about them. We will make sure they won’t interact with your sedation treatment. Since NuCalm is drug-free, it has very few concerns about interactions.

Let Us Help You Get Treatment

If you’re currently unable to get dental treatment because of your anxiety, we want to help. We will try to work past your anxiety, but, failing that, we will help you find the best sedation option for you.

Please call 703-323-8200 today for an appointment with Burke, VA sedation dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban.