When it comes to oral health, balance and beauty go hand in hand. Imbalances in spacing, jaw development, and tooth-to-gum ratio can all have aesthetic consequences. A gummy smile can be especially damaging to a person’s self-confidence. In addition to affecting both your appearance and self-confidence, a gummy smile can also affect your personal relationships, professional life, and your overall personal brand. 

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

Understanding the cause of your gummy smile can go a long way in identifying the appropriate treatment for you. A few of the more common causes for this condition are:

  • Not fully erupted teeth
  • An irregular jaw shape 
  • Overgrown gums
  • Naturally short teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Exposing upper gum tissue while smiling naturally (high smile line)

Gummy Smile Treatment

Treating gummy smiles is largely dictated by the cause of that patient’s condition.

  • Not fully erupted teeth/irregular jaw shape – Orthodontics are usually recommended to correct for teeth not having fully emerged from the jaw. In some cases, myofunctional therapy may be prescribed.
  • Overgrown gums – Laser gum recontouring may be necessary to correct overgrown gums. Alternatively, surgery may be required if the teeth are still partially contained within the jaw bone.
  • Naturally short teeth – Either a result of bruxism (grinding your teeth) or heredity, short teeth can be lengthened using porcelain veneers or dental crowns.
  • High smile line – High smile lines, or exposing your upper gum tissue when you smile, can be treated with BOTOX® injections to relax the muscles of the upper lip. This helps prevent them from pulling up as much and results in a more balanced smile. In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Transform Your Smile Today!

Don’t let your gums keep you from achieving the smile you deserve! Simple treatment plans can help patients find newfound self-esteem and self-confidence. All smiles are different, and every patient’s condition is different, so it’s important that if you’re looking to reduce the dominance your gums have over your teeth, you seek a consultation with Dr. Marzban.

Cosmetic dentistry is more than people seeking vanity. Improvements in your appearance can make a world of difference for your confidence and mental health overall. To learn what steps you can take to get the best smile possible, schedule a consultation with Dr. Marzban in Burke, Virginia, today. You can contact her office at 703-349-4277 or fill out a contact form for more details.