How does a Dentist create a Filling?

At Dr. Pamela Marzban’s office, we use white porcelain fillings. An experienced dentist in Burke, Dr. Marzban has found these types of fillings to offer a restoration with the right balance of aesthetics and durability. Compared to metal fillings, white fillings require less tooth structure to be removed. White fillings also look natural in your smile.

If you have tooth decay, Dr. Marzban will determine if a filling is necessary. If the tooth decay needs to be treated, our dentist will remove the decay using a dental drill. First, a local anesthetic is injected into the tissue surrounding the tooth so you won’t experience any pain during the procedure.

A suctioning instrument is used to remove the decay and debris from your mouth.

The composite white filling material is placed on your tooth to seal off and protect the area of decay. The material is hardened with a special curing light, providing a durable chewing surface and bonding the filling to your tooth.

Before the filling is placed, we will have matched the color of the filling to the color of your natural teeth.

If you think you may need a dental filling, or want to learn more about our services and our experienced dentist in Burke, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS.