How Long Do White Fillings Last?

One of the nice things about white fillings is that they only require a tiny amount of your natural tooth to be removed. This keeps most of your natural tooth, which means the natural strength of your tooth or teeth is preserved. In addition to this, they can be matched to the color of your teeth so that no one will know you have a filling, like they would if you had metal amalgam fillings.

However, one of the tradeoffs of using white, or composite, fillings instead of amalgam fillings is that they don’t last as long. In general, you can expect your white filling to last anywhere between five and eight years before needing to be replaced.

While this may seem like a reason to avoid getting white fillings, you need to weigh this against the benefits they have. In addition to their appearance, white fillings do not expand contract with temperature like amalgam fillings do. Your teeth are therefore not at risk of developing cracks and breaking. When this occurs, you not only may lose the tooth, but you also lose the filling.

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