Whenever you’re investing in a big dental restoration procedure like dental implants, it’s good to get more than one treatment plan and quote for the cost of services.

Most of the time when you’re comparison shopping, you might skip to the bottom line. But when it comes to your health, never make cost your deciding factor. At least, not without taking into account many factors that can influence the cost of procedures at different dentists’ offices.

Here are some things to consider to help you make smart comparisons between dental implant quotes.

Are Both Quotes Complete?

One thing you sometimes find with really low discount rates is that there are many hidden costs and fees you’re just not seeing. Sometimes, you’ll get a quote that doesn’t include specialists’ fees, hospital or outpatient facility fees, anesthesia, aftercare, or even the final restoration.

Make sure both quotes are complete and cover everything you need to get your final dental implant results.

What Is the Dentist’s Process Like?

Not all dentists are going to treat you the same when you get your implants placed. Some dentists run a volume practice, where they count on moving patients through quickly to keep costs down. Other dentists take time to talk to you and make sure they understand what you’re really looking for. They will take time to carefully fit your restorations, which may include a neuromuscular dentistry evaluation of your bite to ensure the implant will fit harmoniously in your bite.

This can sometimes be hard to figure out–dentists won’t admit if you’re getting on an assembly line. But perhaps you’ve already gotten some clue from how you were handled during the consultation process. Did you feel rushed? Were they happy to answer all your questions? You can also check reviews to learn whether other people have felt rushed in this practice.

Is the Hardware Different?

Another factor that can affect the cost is the make and model of dental implants and restorations. These are not all the same, and sometimes the cost can be quite different.

More expensive implants are not always better. Less expensive ones are not always worse.

Ultimately, you should trust your dentist’s choice of dental implants, dental crowns, and dentures. But ask why dentists choose the hardware they do. If they give good reasons why these implants or restorations are the best, then you can consider the cost justified.

Account for Training, Experience, and Talent

Not every important factor is on your quote, either. You have to look elsewhere to gauge your dentist’s training, experience, and expertise.

In order to be a dentist, all dentists have to get some basic level of training as well as taking continuing education. But many dentists go above and beyond to get specialized training in techniques like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and neuromuscular dentistry. Don’t forget to ask dentists about their relevant training during a consultation.

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to dental implants. Talk to dentists about their level of experience performing the procedure. If dentists work with a specialist for placing implants, make sure you know that specialist’s experience–and talk to them, too.

And then there’s that indescribable something that makes some dentists better at what they do than others. We call it talent, but it’s a combination of a hundred subtle factors. It’s hard to gauge this, except by results. Make sure you look at the smile gallery of every dentist to see what kind of results they achieve.

Make a Smart Decision

When picking an implant dentist, cost should be a factor, but it should be secondary. Dental implants can last for decades–maybe even a lifetime! Any savings you might get on your dental implant procedure are negligible over that time.

It’s most important to get an implant dentist who gives you full confidence and that you feel you can work with.

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