If you wear dentures or have loved ones who do, read this

Recently, I received a letter from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare stating that “long term and excessive use of GSK’s zinc containing denture adhesives Super Poligrip “Orginal”, “Ultra Fresh”, and “Extra Care” can cause development of myelonueropathy and blood dyscrasias.

When we lose teeth, we also lose much of the bone that supports them.  Aging, also results in bone loss.  Anyone wearing dentures can appreciate how heavy they can feel or how uncomfortable they are.  These reasons and many more are why denture adhesives are so commonly used.

Thankfully, nowadays, we have so many better (and healthier) options.  If you have a denture and you like the way it looks but it is ill-fitting you can keep your denture but have it snap into implants.  What implants do is replace the root of a missing tooth.  This keeps the bone from atrophying and provides greater retention and less rocking.  The more implants, the more retention your dentures have…no more adhesives!   If there is nothing you like about your dentures, well, there are even more options for you!  If you have questions or would like a copy of the letter from GKS, simply let Sally or Theresa know.  Pass this on!