Invisalign – How it Works

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment alternative to traditional metal braces.

In some ways, Invisalign is very different from braces. The plastic aligners are never fastened to your teeth and are completely removable when you want to eat or have to clean your teeth, which means no dietary restrictions or special cleaning routines. Invisalign’s plastic aligners also push gently on the teeth from all sides, instead of just pulling on them from the point where the bracket is glued to your enamel.

However, the basic mechanism of Invisalign is essentially the same as that of braces. We tend to think of our bones as solid and static, not changing much since we stopped growing some time in our teens, but the truth is that our bones are constantly being re-made, with some material removed and some added. This process of removal and addition allows your bones to be reshaped in response to constant force. Orthodontic treatment applies force to your jawbone using braces or Invisalign, which causes the jawbone to reshape around your teeth, allowing them to move into a different orientation.

That’s why, in general, Invisalign treatment takes about the same amount of time as braces. The limiting factor is not the treatment, but your body, which can only safely remodel your bones at a certain pace.

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