It’s hard to know what, exactly, Kim Kardashian West has against smiling, but she seems to be running a concerted campaign to stop people from doing it. Not only has she spent her celebrity life deliberately not smiling, she has on occasion told people not to smile for various reasons. Once she told people that if they want to be famous, they shouldn’t smile. Now she’s telling people that not smiling is the secret to her smooth skin.

But there are a lot of good reasons why you shouldn’t believe Kim’s advice about smiling.

Four individuals with their finder up to the lips as if to cover up a secret.

She Actually Smiles a Lot

Maybe we could accept Kim’s advice if she kept to a strict regimen of not smiling. Keeping a straight face could potentially keep you from developing wrinkles if you didn’t smile at all. However, the truth is that if you look, you can find hundreds of pictures of Kim smiling. And not just little smiles, either, but genuine eye-wrinklers! You can do a simple Google search for yourself if you don’t believe us, or check out this blogger who compiled some of them.

Not smiling for a selfie every day or so isn’t really going to make a difference if you’re grinning away all day long.

She Has Other Reasons She Doesn’t Smile

We also shouldn’t accept Kim’s advice on keeping her skin smooth because it seems like she’s always throwing out another reason not to smile. First, she’s claimed that she stopped smiling for paparazzi because they were so rude to her. Then she said that it’s an essential rule of being famous to never smile at people–you have to be above that.

How then can we possibly accept that this is now the reason why you shouldn’t smile? It seems like she says whatever comes to mind, trying to come up with explanations for something that probably doesn’t have a good explanation.

She Uses Numerous Skin Products and Services

But part of the reason for her explanation is also to try to throw us off. She doesn’t want us to think about one of the main reasons why she’s able to maintain smooth skin: she invests in it.

Kim gets regular cosmetic treatments, all designed to try to minimize the impact of the environment and aging on her skin. This includes both surface treatments and likely a number of injectables, such as BOTOX ® Cosmetic and dermal fillers.

And, on top of that, she gets her makeup done professionally almost every day, and certainly before every public appearance.

Photoshop Does Wonders

In addition to all her physical cosmetic work, Kim also benefits from virtual cosmetic work as well. Most of the images that we see from her are digital, which means that they’re easily manipulated.

Some people are really dedicated about hunting down the photoshop fails, but you don’t need to be super diligent about it to get the basic sense that no matter how smooth her skin might look in person, it’s probably a lot smoother in pictures.

Enjoy Your Smile

The truth is that wrinkles will find you no matter what. Between gravity, natural flexing of the face for eating, speaking, and other motions, and changes in your skin, you’re going to develop some wrinkles as part of life. So if you’re going to get wrinkles anyway, you should probably smile and enjoy your time.

However, we know that many people find it hard to smile because they’re self-conscious about the appearance of their smile. If this is you, let us help you get a great smile. We can help if your teeth are discolored, damaged, crooked, or even missing. We can even design a custom smile makeover to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To learn how cosmetic dentistry can give you a smile that you’ll love to share, please call 703-349-4277 today for an appointment with Northern Virginia cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban in Burke, VA.