When you look for the standard in cosmetic dentistry, it’s common to look to Hollywood. After all, this is where cosmetic dentistry was born, and for decades the bright white of celebrity teeth has been the desired appearance of patients visiting cosmetic dentists like Dr. Marzban. We hear many people in our office wanting to look like Hollywood stars, as well as singer-celebrities like Cardi B or Bhad Bhabie

However, the trend in the industry is changing. No longer are stars wanting to get the same bright white teeth that they sought in the past. Instead, the new ideal is subtle cosmetic dentistry that looks beautiful, but also natural.  In fact, many celebrities are getting their old restorations redone more subtly, and celebrities are more likely to be mocked for their outrageously white smiles. 

A pretty blonde woman in big sunglasses stands in front of the Hollywood sign. While Hollywood is the standard for cosmetic dentistry the new trend is a more natural, beautiful look to your smile. Learn how Dr. Marzban can make you beautiful!

Cosmetic Surgery Backlash

For a while, the bright white smiles that celebrities could achieve with teeth whitening and veneers seemed very positive. Not only did they look attractive, but they proclaimed the status of the wearer, the way a designer handbag or shoes might. 

However, as it became more popular to have work done, all types of work became suspect. The backlash started with plastic surgery. Not only does plastic surgery have the ability to make people look attractive, but a few high-profile cosmetic surgery disasters drew attention to the notion that an “operated on” appearance was not good. The problem is that these surgical disasters actually share many features with what are considered attractive surgical results. There is a similarity there that made people less eager to get surgery. 

Something similar has happened in cosmetic dentistry. With restorations like veneers, celebrities can get teeth as white as they want (and, as we’ll see, some of them took that challenge!), which just looks unnatural. The problem is, it can make all bright white smiles look unnatural and artificial. 

So, in response, celebrities are trying to get cosmetic dentistry that looks less artificial. Instead, they are getting smiles that are not quite as bright, teeth that aren’t so disproportionately large. Most intriguing, though, many of them are explicitly looking to have the small imperfections and idiosyncrasies built back into their smiles. This helps their smile look more natural, which looks more attractive. 

Simon Cowell’s Smile Backlash

An example of celebrities suffering because of a too-white smile is Simon Cowell, who was recently roasted on social media. Now, to be fair, Cowell made his reputation on the Idol franchise, where his schtick was being mean to people, so a number of people feel turnabout is fair play, and they’re just saucing the gander when they give him a hard time. Even so, the response shows just how much people are down on too-white smiles. 

In an Instagram picture posted by cohost Heidi Klum, Cowell’s smile looks so bright that it sparked numerous negative comments. While the effect is partly due to the filters used, people have been commenting for months about how awfully bright Cowell’s teeth are. One August tweet proclaimed, “scientists worked tirelessly for six years to manufacture a porcelain white enough for Simon Cowell’s teeth,” and another, just days before the selfie said, “it’s getting ridiculous how white Simon Cowell’s teeth are.” 

Nobody wants to find themselves getting that kind of attention for what is likely quite expensive cosmetic dentistry. 

Attractive, Natural, and Personal Cosmetic Dentistry in Virginia

A cosmetic dentist is, hopefully, an artist, and can strike a good balance between making your smile look attractive and maintaining its natural character. They should also be able to give you a smile that looks right for you, one that retains your character while still looking more beautiful. 

Dr. Marzban is that kind of artist. Not only can she make your smile look attractive and natural, our Digital Smile Design protocol gives us the ability to make your smile dynamic as well. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can give you the smile of your dreams, please call 703-349-4277 today for an appointment with Dr. Pamela Marzban in Burke, VA.