Dr. Pamela Marzban has prided herself on always remaining at the forefront of dentistry. But she doesn’t pursue technology and new techniques just because they’re new–she’s always looking for ways to improve the results or the experience of her patients.

And that’s why we’re so excited about Digital Smile Design (DSD). DSD is an exciting approach to cosmetic dentistry that will help us improve on our results, which, if we may say so, are already pretty great. (We’re not bragging here, just telling the truth. Look for yourself at our smile gallery and tell us those results aren’t amazing. We’ll wait. See? Told you.)

DSD gives us new tools to improve the scope of our planning and design. It also helps us make our smile planning more dynamic so it can look great as part of your constantly changing expressions. And it lets you see the potential of your smile makeover before you make any decisions, so you can make more informed choices.

Helping Your Smile Tell the Whole Story

We know that every smile tells a story, and we want to make sure that your smile tells the best one possible. DSD helps us do that because it helps us make sure your smile tells the whole story.

Your smile isn’t an isolated part like the lingering grin of the Cheshire Cat. It is always part of your face, and it will always be seen as part of your face so when we’re designing your smile, we need to take that into account. Your lips, cheeks, and eyes are just as important to your smile as your teeth.

DSD lets us do this by looking at images of your entire face together. This helps us look at the proportions in your face so that we can make sure that your smile fits them properly. It also helps us choose a white that is most flattering and most natural in appearance for your teeth.

Tell a Dynamic Story

Have you ever seen a picture of someone caught in the act of winking. It looks strange and unnatural. That’s because a wink is a dynamic expression that is really meant to be seen in motion.

Smiles are also dynamic expressions. Although we’ve gotten used to seeing pictures of people smiling as a frozen expression, the truth is that a smile caught at one moment only tells part of the story. Smiles are really meant to be seen as they emerge, grow, and then fade. This evanescence gives smiles their special magic, the way they can touch our hearts and remain there in ways that pictures just can’t capture.

That’s why we’re so excited that DSD lets us use video as part of our smile design. We can look at your smile as a dynamic action, not just as a frozen posture of your lips, cheeks, and eyes. And when we design your smile, we make sure that it will look amazing at all stages of its reveal.

See the End from the Beginning

Stories can be full of nervousness and travail. We’re never sure when we start a story how it will turn out. This is all well and good when we’re watching a movie, playing a video game, or reading a book. The tension is part of the fun.

It’s less fun when we’re talking about our lives. You don’t want there to be any uncertainty about the results of your smile makeover. Instead, you want to go into the procedure confident that you’ll love the results.

This is another benefit of DSD. With unmatched digital imaging tools, it allows us to give you the best possible visual of what your new smile will look like at the end of the process. You can start your smile journey knowing that at the conclusion there’s a happy ending waiting for you.

Let Us Tell your Smile’s Story

If you don’t like the story your smile is telling right now, we can help. With DSD, Dr. Marzban has the tools to dramatically transform your smile’s story. It will be the whole story. It will be dynamic. And you will know the end at the beginning so you like where it’s going.

If you’re ready to start your smile makeover and tell a new story, please call 703-323-8200 today for an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS, helping patients across northern Virginia from her office in Burke.