Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Marcos Suarez!!

As we welcome in the new season, we are happy to share some special news this month!  On September 12, 2010, we attended the wedding of  someone who is very important  to us, our very own Admarys!  It was a beautiful ceremony and a great time was had by all!  We wish Admarys and Marcos the best of luck and a lifetime of happiness in their future together!!


On a Dental note,we are also very excited to introduce something new and exciting to our practice:

Snap-On Smile!!
A new alternative to Dental Veneers

Snap-On Smile is the revolutionary new smile enhancement device requiring no adhesives, injections, or prepping.  The design is flexible and strong, utilizing your natural teeth to hold your new smile in place.  This exclusive design does not cover the roof of your mouth, or affect your gum line, making it very comfortable and natural.  Snap-On Smile is also completely removable making it a non-invasive and completely reversible process. Perfect for those want to improve their smile without going through more permanent procedures at a fraction of cost.

Patients of all types make great candidates for a Snap-On Smile.  Those who are unable to undergo other procedures due to, medical issues, affordability, or simply hesitant about invasive dental procedures are just a few.

Many ask, ”can I wear my Snap-On Smile everyday?”  The answer is… ‘YES’.   Because of the design and durability, you can wear your Snap-On Smile while eating and drinking without it coming loose.  It also resists stains, is easy to clean and maintain, and can be expected to last three to five years with proper care.
Getting a Snap-On Smile is a quick and painless process that involves taking photos and making impressions of your teeth.  You then choose the shape and shade of your new smile.  In about two weeks, Snap-On Smile’s exclusive lab will ship your new smile.

Simply come in for an appointment to pick up your new smile, snap it in and wear it home.
Call Sally or Theresa today to find out how easy a great smile can be!