Teeth whitening is quickly becoming an essential part of cosmetic dentistry. Whether treatment is carried out using over-the-counter products, prescription at-home treatments from your family dentist, or done in-office by a professional, the vision is almost always the same, a future adorned with a brighter smile.


Common Whitening Concerns

While going through the process of whitening their teeth, patients may face some concerns. These concerns occasionally hinder or deter their treatment plan and often leave them with more questions than answers. Some of these instances involve:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Gum sensitivity
  • Uneven lightening
  • Sore throat


It’s Normal!

If you’re experiencing any of these ailments, have no fear! White spots and uneven bleaching are ubiquitous during the teeth whitening process. Patients may notice the appearance of “bands” on their teeth or even white spots where the tooth appears lighter than the surrounding surface.

Teeth often have spots of uneven coloring before treatment. Once the whitening treatment begins, these spots quickly become more noticeable as their color begins to change. Typically, if teeth present with white spots before undergoing treatment, these spots will persist through the beginning stages of whitening. As teeth progress through the whitening process, these inconsistencies will fade as the rest of the tooth surface interacts with the whitening agent.



Facing obstacles like white spots during your teeth whitening journey isn’t abnormal. If uneven teeth whitening has you feeling disheartened, know that these issues typically subside and are only temporary. Any concerns you have during this process are always best addressed during a consultation with your dentist.


Interested in Tooth Whitening Treatments?

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A variety of whitening treatment options are available at Dr. Marzban’s office, including microabrasion, Opalescence Teeth Whitening, Boost Tooth Whitening, and GLO Brilliant teeth whitening. For more information, you can visit our recent blog post here.