Be sure to brush after every sweet snack this Halloween. And remember to visit Burke family dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban for routine cleanings and examinationsHaving only two or three teeth is great if you’re a jack-o-lantern. When you’re a person? Not so much. This Halloween, make sure you instruct your children in proper oral care – helping avoid the cavities and other dental problems that can arise from too much sugar.

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Sugar does not cause cavities, but the bacteria that eats it does. By brushing after every sweet treat and flossing both morning and night, occasional increases in candy consumption – such as occurs around this time of year – is fine. However, when proper care is not taken, oral health issues which may eventually include tooth loss are probable.

Children and adults alike should commit to a thorough daily routine for optimal oral health. Add to these twice-yearly visits with Dr. Marzban and you greatly increase the chances that your natural teeth will remain strong, healthy, and in place for years to come.

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