Routine visits to the family dentist are an important part of maintaining the great oral health of every member of your family. Family and pediatric dentistry services help you and your loved ones avoid dental problems, and get effective treatment when needed.

As part of your dental care, you should ask your family dentist anything about which you are curious, such as:

  • For what ages do you provide dental care?
  • When should I bring my child to his or her first dental appointment?
  • How do I show my child how to brush and floss?
  • How often does my child need a dental cleaning and exam?
  • Does my child need to use fluoride?
  • Are tooth-colored fillings better than metal ones?
  • Can you describe the range of dental treatments our family can receive from you?
  • Do you provide referrals in the event the treatment requires a specialist?
  • What kinds of foods are good for my kids’ teeth?
  • How can I prevent my children from getting dental cavities?
  • Do you accept our dental insurance?
  • How do you accommodate families’ schedules?

At our family dental practice, we want you and every member of your family to have the dental knowledge you need to maintain optimal oral health.

To schedule an appointment with our experienced family dentist in the greater Fairfax area, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS.