Do you have any concerns about going to the dentist?  If that is the case, then sedation dentistry may be the ideal option for you to receive the dental procedures you require. Our skilled sedation dentist, Dr. Pamela Marzban will work with you to overcome your dental anxiety and find the right choice of sedation so you can get treatment. Call 703-349-4277 to find out more.

When you consult with our Fairfax sedation dentist, she will thoroughly explain the sedation process. You will also learn about any special instructions for before and after your sedation dentistry session. Currently, the American Dental Association officially endorses sedation as a safe and effective way for dental patients to remain comfortable and secure during dental visits.

Will Sedation Work for Me?

The medications used with sedation dentistry are powerful and may react with certain prescription medications. That is why you will want to disclose any over the counter or prescription medications you currently take.

Once the medication issue has been addressed, you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry if you are a patient who

  • Gets any severe neck or back pain sitting in the dentist’s chair
  • Has an easily affected gag reflex
  • Is fearful of the dentist
  • Has any overwhelming anxiety about dental procedures

The piece of mind you get with sedation dentistry may mean the difference between getting your proper dental treatment or not. There are a number of oral health issues that may require extensive treatment and our Fairfax, VA sedation dentist will help you find the right solution for overcoming your anxiety and getting the right treatment.

Looking for a sedation dentist in the Fairfax, VA area? Please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS to schedule a consultation. Call 703-349-4277 today to learn more.