With the launch of the new Star Trek series Discovery, one of the biggest topics is the dramatic redesign of the Klingons. As one of the most prominent races in the Star Trek universe, the Klingons have undergone dramatic changes in the past, but nothing so radical as this.

One of the actors behind the makeup recently spoke up about what it was like to become an alien. Among her comments, she noted that her alien teeth made it easier to speak her alien language.

Star Trek Actor Says Prosthetic Teeth Make It Easier to Speak Klingon

Reinventing Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery exists in the shadow of the many visions of the Star Trek universe. As the seventh television series, with 13 films spinning off from the various series, the universe has developed itself in many different directions. Trying to fit within this context is difficult, especially for a series that positions itself so close to the original (it supposedly takes place just ten years before the original series when Kirk, Spock, and crew set out on their five-year mission.)

The difficulty lies in trying to make a series that is both true to the spirit of the original but is also innovative enough to be interesting to new and returning viewers.

A crucial part of the reinvention is the transformation of Klingons. Klingons are the most beloved alien race in the Trek universe. Initially invented as a metaphor for Soviets so that Star Trek could play out Cold War analogies, the Klingons have developed a popular following. Beyond appearing as popular characters in costume contests and other cosplay events, people have embraced Klingon culture. The redesign is a risky choice, to be sure, but so far people seem to be supportive of the change.

Speaking Klingon

The Klingon language is its own phenomenon outside the show. As one of the few fictional languages that is fully developed, with its own dictionary and language schools, Klingon holds a special place for fans. So actors are held to a high standard in their speaking of the language.

This is a challenge that Claire McConnell faced in taking on the role of Dennas, a Klingon who leads the House of D’Ghor.

She said that at first the prosthetic teeth were a challenge because she’d never used such teeth before as an actress. But once she got used to them, they actually made it easier for her to make the complex sounds of the Klingons’ harsh, guttural language.

This makes sense. Languages evolve in parallel with the physical structures that we use to create the sounds. If Klingons’ teeth were sharp and jagged, it only makes sense that their language would partly be shaped by that.

Your Teeth and Your Speech

Your speech is one of the many factors we consider when performing dental treatments at the office of cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban. Being able to speak clearly is an essential function of your teeth.

When designing cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers or restorative treatments like dentures, we factor in your speech to ensure that you’ll be able to speak clearly and confidently after getting your restorations.

But what if your natural teeth interfere with your speech? Often, this kind of problem is related to developmental problems where your jaws, teeth, and other elements have not fully developed to create the proper spacing and relationships to speak clearly. Myofunctional therapy can help in this case. It works to use your body’s muscles to encourage the proper development of your teeth and jaws.

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