Before you make significant purchases, you have the opportunity to try them out first. Before you buy a car, you get to test drive it; before you buy a house, you get to attend an open house or do a walkthrough; before you buy new clothes, you can try them on, and before you buy furniture, you get to see a staging of that piece in the store. Dr. Marzban provides this related service to her cosmetic dentistry patients. In fact, she’s the only licensed dentist in Virginia to do so. 


Digital Smile Designs

Have you ever wondered how you might look with a new set of pearly whites? Dr. Marzban’s patients no longer have to wonder. Digital smile designs capture a patient’s likeness in 3D, creating a digital mock-up of their face and mouth. Incorporating the dynamic movement and intricate details of the face provides the 3D printing technology the information necessary to produce a plastic mock-up of a patient’s new unique smile. Once the plastic mock-up is complete, patients can try on their new smile long before any work is done, and the reveal can be quite emotional.


What Are the Advantages of Digital Smile Designs?

  • The appointment only takes about ten minutes
  • The procedure is painless
  • 3D imaging technology can create custom smile designs
  • 3D print outs fit neatly into the patient’s mouth and provide a visual representation of the result


Is Digital Smile Design Right for You?

If you need transformative dental work and would like to see the new you before the work has started, Digital Smile Designs could be what you’re looking for. Dr. Marzban works hard to create the ideal patient experience for every person that comes into her office. Creating a new smile for patients is more than just dental work; it’s an emotional, life-changing experience for many patients, especially those that get to experience the Digital Smile Designs. Patients see a new and improved version of themselves.


Learn More About Dr. Marzban’s Digital Smile Designs

Digital Smile Designs are an offering not widely available, making them a feature Dr. Marzban is proud to present to patients so that their experience is like no other. If you’re interested in learning more about Digital Smile Designs and test driving your new smile, call Dr. Marzban today at 703-349-4277 for more information or visit our contact page.