Burke dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban recommends you bring your child in for his or her first pediatric dentistry visit at the age of three. We have found that this is the perfect age as it is early enough in your child’s life to begin instilling a sense of comfort with dental visits, but late enough for your child to understand what Dr. Marzban is talking to them about. Building a relationship with a dentist based on trust and comfort is essential for your child’s continued oral health.

On Your Child’s First Visit

We take great care to ensure every visit your child makes to our office is positive and relaxing, but take a bit of extra time during their first appointment to ease any anxiety and better understand their unique needs.

On your child’s first visit we will:

  • Learn about your child’s medical history
  • Conduct a thorough examination of teeth and gums
  • Gently clean your child’s teeth
  • Evaluate your child’s risk of cavities and if they are getting enough fluoride
  • Discuss your child’s habits such as thumb sucking or pacifiers
  • Discuss proper oral care with you and your child

We look forward to serving the needs of your child at every stage of their oral development and will discuss the best ways to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy at every visit.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in or around Burke, Virginia, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban today to schedule an appointment.