The alignment of your jaw is important for several reasons. A properly aligned jaw ensures tension distribution with your bite, allowing teeth to wear evenly and naturally. The alignment of your jaw also allows for your teeth to meet in their proper bite position, and helps prevent discomfort such as jaw pain, lock jaw, and even headaches.

Commonly called “instant orthodontics,” porcelain veneers can be used to correct mild malocclusion, and help realign your jaw. With the use of porcelain veneers, Fairfax, Virginia cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pamela Marzban, can correct aesthetic and functional issues including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Unevenly shaped teeth

These problems can all lend themselves to a misaligned bite.

For more serious malocclusion, Dr. Marzban may recommend options such as Invisalign® prior to veneer placement. With this option, your teeth and jaw can be brought into proper alignment, and further beautified by the porcelain veneer process.

No single solution is right for every mouth. When you come to our office for your initial consultation, Dr. Marzban will thoroughly evaluate your bite and jaw alignment before suggesting the treatment options that will best suit your needs.

If you live in or around Burke, Fairfax, or Fairfax Station, Virginia and would like to learn more about your orthodontic options, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban to schedule an initial consultation today.