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If you’ve spent any time on our website, you’ve probably seen our tagline, “Every Smile Has a Story.” This isn’t just a tagline: the events of your life are literally written on your teeth.

But while you past may influence you, it doesn’t define you. With cosmetic dentistry, your smile can tell the story you want. It can reflect your bright future, even if your past hasn’t always been so shining.

Your Story Begins before You Were Born

For the purposes of a narrative, writers often start stories when a character is born. But the truth is that your story begins before that. In truth, much of the character of your smile is determined by the genes you inherited from your parents. Many of the challenges they faced in maintaining their smiles are the same ones you will face, too.

And the actions of your parents can directly influence your smile, too. Mothers who smoke have children who are more likely to have teeth that simply don’t develop. And if a woman doesn’t get enough vitamin D, her children might be more prone to tooth decay when they’re young.

Indiscretions of Youth

Young people are not always known for making the best decisions. Even those who have later straightened ourselves out have had some actions that we weren’t proud of as teens and young adults. Drug use, fights, and even a prolonged period of neglecting personal hygiene can all leave permanent marks on your teeth. Chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth can all remind you of an unsettled time in your life. Tooth decay, receding gums, and even a missing tooth can all result from what you might have thought was just a short-term lifestyle.

And it’s not always bad: something as innocuous as being a zealous fielder in baseball can lead to damaged teeth.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Nor is a professional life necessarily good for your teeth. If you got a job where you were determined to move up in the ranks, you may have done a lot of damage to your teeth.

Many offices run on coffee and other caffeinated beverages. But if you’re sipping coffee all day long, you’re definitely staining your teeth, if you take it black. And if you have cream and sugar in your java, you end up with an increased risk of cavities, too. If cola is your caffeine of choice, it’s even worse, because soda is highly acidic and full of sugar. Energy drinks are the worst: they’re the most acidic and the most sugary.

And the combination of daily stress and high caffeine consumption can contribute to teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism). This can wear your teeth down, leading to chipping and cracking. Some people in stressful lives can find their teeth literally falling out of their mouth as a result.

Leave Your Past behind You

With all these things in our past, it’s no wonder that many of us don’t like what we see when we look at our smile in the mirror. But that story written on your smile, that’s not all of your story. Your story is also one of perseverance, survival, and success. You made it through all those hard, uncertain times, and you made it here. You looked at the dreams of childhood and made many of them the realities of adulthood.

It’s time your smile reflected that part of your story, too. It’s time the smile of your dreams also became the smile of your reality. And that’s where we can help. We can use cosmetic dentistry to help your smile tell the full story of your life. Whether you’re looking to eliminate stains with teeth whitening, repair chips with porcelain veneers, or straighten teeth with Invisalign, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Let your smile show that, despite the challenges you’ve faced, you’ve got a lot of reasons to smile. Your future is bright, shouldn’t your smile be, too?

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