Getting kids to take care of their teeth can be difficult. Your child may not want to brush and floss every day. But starting a good oral hygiene routine at a young age is important for the health of your child’s teeth and gums, and is an important way to instill the value of oral hygiene.

Our family dentist, Dr. Pamela Marzban, recommends these tips for your child’s oral hygiene:

  • Take your child to his or her first pediatric dentistry appointment by the age of 1.
  • Use a small amount of toothpaste when the first tooth appears.
  • Talk to our family dentist about how to incorporate fluoridated toothpaste once your child has two or more teeth touching each other.
  • Help your child with brushing and flossing until they are able to do so on their own, which may be 6 years old, and probably a few years older for flossing.
  • Make sure your child brushes every day and night. Even though baby teeth fall out, it’s important for these teeth to be healthy to prevent cavities, and so the gums surrounding the teeth don’t become infected.

Our family dentist and our entire team want to help every member of your family enjoy good oral health for many years to come.

For caring, friendly and effective family dentistry services, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS, to schedule a consultation with our experienced family dentist near Fairfax.