Cavities are a common dental problem, but by taking care of your teeth and visiting our dentist regularly, you can prevent tooth decay. Consider some of these tips which can help you prevent dental cavities:

  • Limit snacking between meals as much as possible. Consider snacking less on sugary, starchy foods, and snacking more on teeth-cleaning foods like celery, strawberries and carrots.
  • Sip drinks through a straw. Soda, juice and other beverages can stick to your teeth and allow bacteria to feast on the liquid and produce acid. By sipping these beverages through a straw, you can cause most of the liquid to bypass your teeth.
  • Drink water. Drinking water is not only good for your body, it can wash away some of the food debris and bacteria on your teeth.
  • Brush twice daily and floss once daily. Good oral hygiene is your best defense against cavities.
  • Visit the dentist for regular cleanings. Regular dental cleanings performed by our dentist remove plaque and tartar that cannot be removed with your at-home routine. Our dentist also checks for signs of cavities and other problems before they get worse.

For an exam and cleaning by an experienced dentist near the Fairfax area, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS, to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in Burke, and we serve patients from Fairfax and the surrounding areas.