Believe it or not, there really is no need to fear the dentist. While there are some really good reasons why people have a fear of the dentist, with treatment options like sedation dentistry, this anxiety can easily be overcome. Here are some tips on how sedation dentistry can help alleviate your fear of the dentist and get you in for your regular check-ups.

Common Dental Sedation Types

Many dentists, like our Fairfax sedation dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban, have specialized training in working with you and your dental anxiety. The consequences of not seeing a dentist can be far-reaching including; gum disease, risk of stroke or heart disease, and lost or painful teeth.

The most common dental sedation types are:

  • Oral sedation – anti-anxiety liquid or pills
  • Inhalation sedation – commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ but is really nitrous oxide or a relative analgesic
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation – relaxation medication administered into the blood stream using a vein

The tranquilizing effects of any type of sedation allow you to successfully complete your dental treatment. Another advantage is that it may cause more extensive dental services to be completed in a smaller number of dental appointments.

No matter what the root cause of your dental anxiety, our Fairfax sedation dentist is experienced in helping you find the right combination of sedation and a treatment plan. Keeping you calm and relaxed in a way that provides a safe environment for you to receive your dental treatment.

Our Fairfax, VA office offers oral sedation dentistry. Please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS for your initial appointment. Or, call 703-349-4277 to learn more about sedation dentistry and options for successful treatment.