You should schedule a dental appointment once your child’s first tooth appears, or by his or her first birthday. Certain dentists are qualified to see children at 1 year old or younger. At the family and pediatric dentistry practice of Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS, we provide dental care for children as young as 3 years old.

It’s really important to begin bringing your child to the dentist at an early age. Even when your child has his baby teeth, it’s important to keep these teeth, as well as the gums and bones surrounding the teeth, healthy and strong. Even though these teeth are temporary, it’s important to keep the tissues healthy for the permanent teeth that will eventually replace the baby teeth. Also, making sure your child’s baby teeth are healthy means he won’t be in pain from infection and inflammation.

Some of the dental services we commonly use in pediatric care are:

  • Dental sealants to protect teeth from decay
  • Dental fillings to treat cavities
  • Regular teeth cleanings and checkups to promote good oral health

Our dentist and dental team have many years of experiencing providing dental care for children and adults alike. We can provide dentistry for everyone in your family.

If you want to schedule an appointment for your child to see an experienced and caring Fairfax family dentist, please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS, to schedule a visit.