If you are a person for whom going to the dentist causes anxiety, then your dental health may be suffering due to your avoidance. Many people find it very nerve-wracking to visit the dentist and feel like there is nothing that will quell their fears.


Sedation Dentistry is a process for which many adults have conquered their dental fears its calming and relaxing effects.  This medical procedure can involve the administration of a sedative like:

  • Halcion – typically used in treating insomnia, it is highly effective in dental oral sedation protocols
  • Valium – it is a time-tested sedative with amnesic properties, it can be helpful for appointments where extensive dental work is required
  • Ativan – an anti-anxiety medication which can work well for longer appointments
  • Vistaril – classified as an antihistamine and also show to have calming effects

For many dental patients who are afraid of needles or sharp instruments, have generalized anxiety or may have experienced previous dental trauma, the tranquilizing effects of using sedation allows them to successfully complete any dental treatment they may require. In addition, it may also allow more dental services to be completed in a smaller number of appointments by allowing for complex procedures to be performed in much less time.

Our Fairfax sedation dentist will guide you to the ideal option for your sedation dentistry treatment. Working together, you will both find the right combination that allows you to remain conscious during treatment, but limit your memory of the treatment and allow you to be calm and relaxed throughout.

Dr. Marzban offers oral sedation dentistry at her office in the Fairfax area. She received training from DOCS Education in this highly valuable and effective treatment. Please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS for your initial consultation.