Cavities are some of the most common issues Fairfax-area dentist Pamela Marzban sees. Traditionally dentists use metal fillings to fill these cavities and prevent further tooth decay.

Now, however, modern dentistry has developed white fillings and porcelain fillings to deal with cavities.

White fillings, which are made from a composite resin, have a number of advantages over traditional metal fillings, including:

  • They don’t expand or contract with temperature fluctuations
  • They blend in easily with your tooth’s natural color
  • No risk from mercury

Our dentist will usually recommend white fillings if you have a small or moderately sized cavity in a tooth that has moderate chewing pressure.

Unlike traditional metal fillings, when our dentist fits you for a white filling she will only need to remove a very small amount of your natural tooth.

If you have old metal fillings and you want a safer, sturdier, more aesthetically pleasing option, our dentist can replace your metal filling with a new white filling.

Residents of the Fairfax, Virginia area who are considering white fillings for their cavities should speak to our dentist immediately. Please contact Dr. Pamela Marzban, DDS today.