Many people are afraid of getting a smile makeover because they think it’s going to end up with the same smile as other people with cosmetic dentistry. But that’s not true. Every smile is custom-made and designed to your specifications. You can get a smile that is absolutely beautiful and yet absolutely individual. Here are just a few of the ways that you can make your new smile your own.

7 Ways to Customize Your Smile

How White Do You Want ‘Em?

One of the simplest ways to customize your smile is just deciding how white you want your new smile to be. Maybe you’re not even concerned about whitening your teeth–you’re happy with their current color. We can match your new smile exactly to that color.

But perhaps you want your smile to be bright white. With veneers, there’s almost no limit to how white your teeth can be. They can be really, really bright, as long as you understand that the natural appearance will be impacted.

We will talk to you about the effect you are trying to achieve. Then we can help you decide on how much you want to whiten your teeth as part of your smile makeover.

Chantilly Lace or Whisper?

In case you didn’t know, those are both colors of white paint. If you’ve ever tried to pick just the right shade of white, you know how incredibly many different ones there are out there. We may not have quite that many, but when you want your teeth white, we can customize the shade of white to your desires.

We can adjust it to set off your eyes, your complexion, or your lips. It can be a white that you will know was chosen just for you to make your smile exactly the color you want.

How Long Are a Man’s Teeth?

You can also decide on the size of your teeth after your smile makeover. There are many guidelines about what looks most attractive for persons of a certain age. But you don’t have to be ruled by that. You can decide on the proper length for your teeth.

The only caveat we have here is that we want to make sure your teeth create a healthy bite position. This is another way we customize your smile, only it’s not customized to your eye, it’s customized to the muscles, bones, and nerves in your jaw.

The Proportions of Your Teeth

You can also customize the relative sizes of your teeth. As with the overall length of your teeth, some aspects of this are related to your age, but you can make decisions about how long and how wide each tooth should be relative to the others. This can give your smile unique proportions that subtly set it apart from other smiles.

The Shape of Your Teeth

Did you know that people have different shaped incisors? The large flat teeth in the front of your smile may look roughly rectangular, but there’s a lot of variation in their actual shape. Some people have incisors with square corners. Some people have more rounded corners. For some, the rounding is much greater, to the point that the tooth itself looks round.

You can look at different variations in tooth shape and decide what you like best.

Supporting Players

Not everything in your smile makeover is about your teeth. We also want to make sure that we’re giving adequate attention to your gums, and if they need it. An attractive smile depends on a good balance of teeth and gums, but you can tell us what you consider to be the right balance. Then we can achieve that balance for you.

Keep the Features of Your “Cute” Smile

You may not be happy with the overall appearance of your smile, but maybe there are some things that you are quite happy with. If you have certain features of your smile that you think are attractive, we can retain them when we remake your smile.

Have a little tooth gap you like? We can keep that. A little snaggletooth that makes your smile unique? We can keep that, too.

The story of your smile is the story of your life. You don’t have to erase it to improve it.Your new smile should look like you–only better. Keep everything you like, and upgrade the rest.

Your Custom Smile Is Waiting

Your smile is important to you. It’s your introduction and your personal logo. You want it to reflect you. If you’re looking for a smile that’s designed to accentuate your personality beautifully, then let us help. We’ll design your new custom smile specifically to achieve your exact cosmetic goals.

Dr. Marzban is a certified Digital Smile Dentist (DSD), so she can use high quality digital photographs and video to design a smile that is properly in proportion to your features. This creates a smile that is uniquely you and uniquely beautiful. It fits will all the features of your face, and it fits in all contexts, from the casual, friendly smile, to a deep, hearty, out-of-control laugh. And you’ll be able to see what your smile will look like before making any decisions about your treatment.

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