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How to Protect Your Teeth from Damage While Lifting Weights

It’s not just running that can harm your teeth: many types of fitness activities can put your teeth at risk. But perhaps one of the most damaging activities is weightlifting. In addition to the damage that can be caused by dehydration or by consuming high-sugar energy foods and acidic sports drinks, lifters [...]

6 Bad Habits of Runners That Can Damage Teeth

At the office of Dr. Marzban, we love running. Well, individually, some of us may love running more and others may love it less. But as an office, we make it an important part of our community contribution, participating in runs to help fund worthy charities. We even sponsor some of our [...]

Neuromuscular Dentistry & Why Charlize Theron Cracked Teeth Training

It’s a common image that being a movie star is a cushy line of work, but that’s belied by all the serious training that many movie stars undertake to get themselves ready for their roles. Sure, you might laugh about how hard is it to eat more doughnuts and bacon to put on weight for [...]