See a Cosmetic Dentist for General Dentistry Needs

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. A healthy smile is important to your overall health, but a healthy, beautiful smile can have an enormous impact on your emotional wellbeing as well. Health and Beauty Go Together Many people think of cosmetic dentistry as being "extra." But the truth is [...]

Golden Proportions of Facial Beauty

How do we know what is beautiful? We need to answer this question if we are going to design smiles that are beautiful. One answer to this question is the golden ratio, also called the golden proportion or golden section, which is commonly accepted as a mathematical relationship that governs our perceptions [...]

The New “Hollywood Smile”: Subtler and More Natural

When you look for the standard in cosmetic dentistry, it’s common to look to Hollywood. After all, this is where cosmetic dentistry was born, and for decades the bright white of celebrity teeth has been the desired appearance of patients visiting cosmetic dentists like Dr. Marzban. We hear many people in our [...]

You Can Choose Exactly How You Want Your Smile to Look with Dental Technology

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry and transforming your smile, the fear of the unknown can cause anxiety and hold you back from taking the first step toward a smile that you feel more confident and more yourself with. Until very recently, cosmetic dentistry was led by your dentist. Sure, you could explain to your [...]

Why Everyone is Talking about New American Idol Winner’s Teeth

American Idol may have taken a leave of absence for a couple of years, but it’s clear that Idol still brings the excitement. On May 19, fans were shocked when Laine Hardy, who is known for performing covers, took the season 17 title over Alejandro Aranda, who often performed original music on the show. Though [...]