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Do I Have Other Options Besides Dentures?

Just mentioning dentures can cause some dental patients to tremble with fear. They would do anything to keep from getting dentures, including sticking with unhealthy, painful, and damaged teeth. And it's no wonder. Traditional dentures have a terrible track record. Many fit poorly, don't stay in the mouth, and make it hard to eat. However, [...]

Are Dental Implants Always Better Than Bridges?

If you have lost a tooth, it’s important to replace it. Otherwise, your other teeth may drift and your oral health may suffer. We usually have three options to replace a missing tooth: dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. Dentures are an old strategy for tooth replacement, one with numerous drawbacks. But dental bridges and [...]

What If I Have Space under My Dental Bridge?

Until the invention of dental implants, dental bridges were considered the best tooth replacement option. And they are still a good choice. They can be functional and beautiful--and durable. But there is one important way that they’re not as good as dental implants: they don’t stimulate your jawbone. When your jawbone isn’t stimulated, the body [...]