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3 Ways to Resolve Your Bruxism

At the office of neuromuscular dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban, we are concerned not only about your oral health, but about how the conditions of your mouth and jaw can contribute to your overall health and happiness. One condition that has tremendous potential to damage your teeth, but also to cause you long-term [...]

A Firm Foundation for Health, Beauty, and Strength

Many people look at dental care as something that they can postpone and then take care of when it’s convenient. In other words, they’ll take care of it when they have the money and the time. But this is a completely backwards approach. The truth is that you should take care of oral health now, [...]

Star Trek Actor Says Prosthetic Teeth Make It Easier to Speak Klingon

With the launch of the new Star Trek series Discovery, one of the biggest topics is the dramatic redesign of the Klingons. As one of the most prominent races in the Star Trek universe, the Klingons have undergone dramatic changes in the past, but nothing so radical as this. One of the actors behind the [...]

Is Exercise Helpful for TMJ?

TMJ is a chronic pain condition. It goes beyond simple jaw pain--it can cause headaches and other widespread symptoms. In some cases, TMJ can even become disabling. Home care for TMJ is optimal, but not all strategies are effective. One piece of advice you might hear for TMJ is that you should perform particular exercises. [...]