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Will New Tooth-Healthy Soft Drink Catch On?

Drinks are a major part of our lifestyle. We’re not just talking alcoholic drinks, either. Though you might not think Hennessy, Cristal, or the latest artisanal spirit is part of your personal style, you might spend much or your day sharing memes about tea, coffee, or even Diet Coke. The problem with many of these [...]

Overcome Anxiety to Enjoy Better Oral Health

One of the best ways to have a better year in 2019 is to improve your oral health. Not only can you enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile, but you’ll also enjoy improved overall health. Good oral health can help you avoid heart disease, pneumonia, dementia, and more. And while you might [...]

Does Your La Croix Habit Put Your Oral Health at Risk?

Seltzer waters like San Pellegrino, Perrier, and La Croix, once considered pretentious, are now the most popular drink-of-choice. We love to have spirited debates about which flavor is the best and how to pronounce names like Pamplemousse. With a zero-calorie count and touted mineral ingredients, they’ve become an accepted alternative to sodas, fruit juices, and beverages [...]

How the Raw Water Craze Could Put Your Teeth at Risk

It’s all over the news how some people are eschewing tap water or even bottled water to get “raw water.” Raw water is water that comes from natural sources in as unmodified a form as possible. That means no filtration, no sterilization, and no addition of chemicals of any kinds whatsoever. Although proponents claim it [...]

Is a Pumpkin Spice Latte Good for Your Teeth?

With the coming of fall, we also see the arrival of pumpkin spice flavored everything. But the vanguard and champion of them all is Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte, whose arrival every year is treated as a singular event, a marking of the changing season as inevitable and reliable as the equinox itself. But what is [...]