How Airway Development Can Impact Facial Growth

Most parents don’t think about their child’s airway development, but almost every parent sees the impact that airway development has on their child. If your child has problems like bedwetting, restless sleep, snoring, and posture problems, you’re probably seeing the impact of an underdeveloped airway.  Poor airway development, caused or exacerbated by intermittent airway [...]

How Does My Jaw Affect Balance and Posture?

As silly as it may sound, the song “Dem Bones” was right. Everything is connected. When one part of your body is out of alignment, your entire body is negatively affected. Your jaw is no exception, and a misaligned jaw can have a ripple effect that changes your posture and throws your entire body off [...]

How Therapy Can Improve Your Dental Health and Sleep Quality

When many of us think of dentists, we unfortunately think of invasive and sometimes painful treatments like root canal procedures, braces or dental implants. While those are all effective and usually much-needed solutions to dental problems, for certain conditions, we can use non-invasive and even pleasant treatments, too. One such treatment is Myofunctional Therapy

You Won’t Want to Ignore These Warning Signs

Lock-jaw. The name itself sounds foreboding. The very idea of a locked jaw conjures uncomfortable scenes in the imagination, but it’s a daily reality for too many people who suffer from undiagnosed and untreated disorders in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. While lock-jaw is a term that’s [...]