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A Diamond in the Rough

Patients occasionally find that traditional tooth whitening leaves their teeth with unappealing white spots. Establishing a pristine, beautiful smile that you can show off and be proud of is essential in cementing a strong first impression. Where do you turn when traditional tooth whitening isn't giving you the results you need? For many people, the [...]

Oh No! My Whitening Treatment Left White Spots; What Now?

Teeth whitening is quickly becoming an essential part of cosmetic dentistry. Whether treatment is carried out using over-the-counter products, prescription at-home treatments from your family dentist, or done in-office by a professional, the vision is almost always the same, a future adorned with a brighter smile.   Common Whitening Concerns While going through the process [...]

Drake Swears by It, but Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Work?

Maybe you’ve seen the news. Activated charcoal is making a splash in beauty care, touting skin clearing wonders to digestive benefits. The ingredient is so popular that it’s moved from simple skin care routines to culinary menus—charcoal lemonades, cocktails, even ice cream cones grace the menus of hip bars and restaurants hoping to appeal to [...]

Are “Healthy” Sweet Tooth Recipes Good for Your Teeth

Most of us have a sweet tooth that we’d love to satisfy at every opportunity. But we know that doing that can have negative consequences, both for our teeth and our waistline. The good news is that there are many people out there offering you healthy alternatives to sugary snacks. The bad news is that [...]