We all know that the story of our smile is the story of our life. Some of this story is genetics, but a lot of it is choices that we make, such as choosing not to get orthodontic treatment, or not taking care of our teeth well when we’re young.

So it makes sense that when people are looking to rewrite their life story, they might start by “rewriting” their teeth with a smile makeover. It’s a growing trend in the rap community, with Bhad Bhabie being the latest to join what some people call “the Porcelain Club,” thanks to her new veneers.

Gucci Mane rap concert

When I’m Bhad, I’m Better

Bhad Bhabie, AKA Danielle Bregoli, came to fame for her appearance on Dr. Phil’s talk show in a segment entitled, “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” Yeah. And from the moment she was on the show, it was clear why her mother was having such a hard time controlling the teen. Not only did the young woman feel like she knew it all, she was utterly clueless about how incoherent she seemed to others, including her strange “cash phrase.”

But since then, Bregoli has been able to spin her straw into a kind of gold, becoming Instagram famous, and even securing a record deal. The album 15, released last year, earned mixed reviews, which is a lot better than might be expected, and she was nominated for Top Rap Female Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. Go figure.

As part of her transformation, trying to put her immature past behind her, Bhad Bhabie has transformed her smile, debuting new veneers with an Instagram lip-sync video. Part of the reason is because she, like Cardi B, is probably just trying to improve her appearance and a smile makeover was one of the first things she’s been wanting for a while. But another part of it is trying to become someone new, with veneers as the most visible sign that she’s transforming her character and cleaning up her act.

Turning His Back on Villainy

But it isn’t just young rappers who are looking to transform their smiles with new dental veneers. We can look at some OGs who are exchanging their grills for attractive, healthy-looking veneers. Gucci Mane is probably the most prominent. When he was a young, edgy rapper in 2005, he got a gold grill. He was specifically trying to look the part of a villain, becoming the image of a thug that he perceived everyone painted on him. And he played the part even further, getting thrown in jail on Federal gun and drug charges.

But after spending ten years in prison, Mane came out a changed man. The self-destructive urges that had driven him to get the grill and numerous tattoos was gone. Instead, he had become a powerhouse creative force. Since his release in 2016, he’s produced more than 15 albums, compilations, mixtapes, and EPs. He also published his autobiography. And he got veneers to improve his smile. His veneers seem to be an important part of the transformation. In one of his songs, he describes them as “diamonds in my mouth,” and credits them with his ability to be “happy in the drought.”

Are You Ready for a New Chapter?

You don’t have to be a rapper to want to close the book on your past and open a new chapter in your life. No matter your background, there may be things in  your past that you’re not proud of. Those things may be literally etched in your teeth, or it could just be that seeing your old smile every day reminds you of the old you.

In either case, a smile makeover can help you transform yourself into a new person, with new possibilities. Find out what’s over that horizon. Please call 703-349-4277 today for a consultation with cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban in Burke, VA.