If you’re looking for a new dentist, you’ve probably found that there are many more of them in Northern Virginia than you suspected. This is great, because it gives you a lot of choices. But it can also make it hard to choose from all the dentists to find the one that is best for you.

Well, here’s one way to make it easier: strike all the dental chains from your list and just consider local dentists like Dr. Pamela Marzban in Burke, VA. Here’s why you should only choose to work with a local dentist.

We Will Get to Know You

When you are trying to find a dentist, there are many choices. We believe that we are the best dentists in Burke for many reasons. We invite you to come in and learn if we’re also the best dentist for you. We understand that right now, you don’t know us from Adam, so from your perspective, you’re going to be seeing a stranger for your first appointment no matter where you go.

But ask yourself this: Do I still want to be seeing a stranger in 5 or 10 years? Because that’s what’s likely to happen if you go to a corporate dental office.

Dentists at corporate offices are asked to serve many patients over the course of their day. Sometimes, they’ll have two, three, or more patients they’re supposed to be caring for at the same time. And that just doesn’t give them enough time to really get to know their patients. They barely have time to come in, look at your x-rays, recommend treatment, and get to their next patient.

And even if you do get to know a dentist at the corporate chain, the odds are good that they won’t be there for long. Many dentists at these practices burn out quickly, so they move on. Or they aren’t producing enough revenue (because they’re spending quality time with patients), so they get fired.

At our office, Dr. Marzban and the rest of the team will take time to get to know you. It’s part of our care philosophy–how can we really treat you if we don’t know you? And when you come to our office, you can expect to see the same smiling faces year after year. Look at our team page, and you’ll see that some of our people have been with us for more than a decade.

Your Care Is Our Priority

When you enter our office, our priority is ensuring you get the best possible care. That isn’t always the case at a corporate dentistry chain. Corporate dentistry chains are owned by venture capitalists who are looking to turn the company into pure profit. And, no matter what the logo and slogans say on their posters and commercials, that’s what’s really behind the corporate dentistry model. Their recommendations and treatment plans are always based on this.

But when you come into our office, our priority is ensuring that you get the best care possible. Sure, we all have to make a living, which we do with fair pricing for the quality care we deliver. But our main priority is making sure you get the quality care that’s best for you. We want you to have a beautiful, healthy smile. That’s Dr. Marzban’s calling, and she’s personally dedicated to it.

And if that strikes you as suspiciously altruistic, think of it this way. Corporate dental offices invest in a lot of advertising to bring people in their door. We don’t. Our patients are most of our advertising. The only way we get good results from our advertising is if we give good results to our patients.

We Have Training and Experience

Most dental chains recruit their dentists directly out of dental school. There are good reasons for this: they want dentists with good incentive to toe the company line, namely lots of dental school debt. These dentists might not have seen many patients outside of dental school. You might be their first. And by the time these dentists gain experience, they’re ready to be done with the corporate dentistry model, so they leave (as above).

But Dr. Marzban is dedicated to making sure she has the knowledge (as well as the tools) to deliver the best quality dental care. She is constantly training in the latest techniques and technologies, skills that are covered briefly (if at all) in dental school. Dr. Marzban looks young, but she has nearly 20 years experience  in dentistry. (Put it down to clean living and job satisfaction.)

We Make All the Decisions

Another problem with corporate dentistry is that the dentist is not in charge. Nominally, they are. That’s what the spokespeople say.  But all corporate dental practices have to answer to the central chain in terms of making revenue targets by achieving certain levels of “production.” Dentists who leave these chains make it clear that they weren’t really in charge of the care they delivered–they were employees.

But at Dr. Marzban’s office, we don’t have to answer to a remote office. We are in charge of making all the decisions, and we have to live with the consequences of the decisions we make. It’s not just that our patients are our advertising–they’re our neighbors. We have to look you in the eye when we run into you at Safeway. So you can bet that we feel the pressure to always make the decision that’s best for you.

Your Hometown Dentist Should Be Your Dental Home

When you are trying to find a dentist, there are many choices. We believe that we are the best dentists in Burke for many reasons. We invite you to come in and learn if we’re also the best dentist for you.

Please call 703-349-4277 today for an appointment with Burke, VA dentist. Dr. Pamela Marzban.